Compound Die Stamping & Tooling

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At OGS Industries, we employ the use of compound tooling & stamping for less complicated metal stampings.

What is a Compound die?

A compound die is designed to simultaneously perform more than one operation with each stroke of the press. For example, a compound die may blank and pierce in a single stroke.

What Types of Parts are Good Candidates for Compound Tooling?

Compound tooling allows for faster production because a single movement on the press can create more than a single feature on a part. Multiple compound tools can be used in lieu of progressive tooling to offset a larger capital investment. The challenge then becomes, this directly affects the cost of the part being produced as now there are more operations added.

When OGS industries was first founded in 1959, under the name of Ohio Gasket & Shim, the use of compound tooling was employed to manufacture precision shims for industry. Today, OGS Industries still uses compound tooling for shims but, has added technology to service its customers even greater. Today, we offer Laser Cutting and CNC Punching to meet these demands.

What other parts can be made using compound Dies?

In addition to Shims, compound dies can be used to manufacture metal stampings across numerous industries. These stampings can also be fabricated into brackets for assembly.

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