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What are Jacketed Gaskets?

Jacketed gaskets combine the temperature resistance of a metal jacket with the sealing performance of a soft filler. The jacket and filler materials are selected to optimizes temperature and chemical performance; construction style is dictated by pressure needs, gasket geometry and sealing issues.

There are three basic styles of jacketed gaskets:

  • Single Jacket: The most basic form of jacketed gasket, with coverage, a metallic surface such as copper or stainless steel, on one face and both edges.
  • Double Jacket:Where full coverage is needed and flange is wide relative to gasket ID and the filler material is completely encapsulated...
  • French Style Jacket:Provides coverage on one side only (inside or outside) and both faces. The flange is narrow relative to gasket ID

As a full service supplier, OGS Industries can provide you with the gaskets you need to meet your specifications.

a progression of an open jacket gasket, a soft filler, top, and completed jacketed gasket

Watch a video of jacketed copper gaskets being manufactured!

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