Metal Fabrication Products & Capabilities

Since Ohio Gasket & Shim first opened its doors in 1959 we became known as the gasket & shim guys. For years, decades, that is what we did, gasket & shims. As industry evolved, our customers came to us asking for more. Can you spot weld this? Can you put a weld nut on here? Can you weld these two parts together that you are stamping? Can you fabricate these sheet metal parts? They wanted us to be that one stop source.

So, we evolved into what is now OGS Industries and in the past decade have expanded our capabilities that. Yes, we still specialize in gasket and shims but, now we have the ability to build brackets and metal fabrications. With the latest in technology, OGS Industries offers custom brackets and sheet metal fabrication to exceedingly high quality standards.

The software that drives all our equipment is the heart of the process. Having the most recent versions available guaranties the best parts nesting and material utilization contributing to our efforts to be as competitive as is possible. From print or 3D model to part, if it is flexibility you seek, look no further. OGS Industries and cut it, punch it, bend it, stamp it, weld it and stock it!

Metal Fabrication Products

an example of a fabricated product that was punched and formed from ogs industries an example of a fabricated part that was stamped and welded from ogs industries

Metal Fabrication Capabilities

a collage of metal fabricated products from ogs industries