Progressive Die Stamping

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What is Progressive Die Stamping?

Progressive die stamping is a multi-stage sheet metal forming process, where the final shape is given in two or more sequential operations. In progressive die stamping, coil is fed through all the stations and the blank is pierced and formed in the earlier stations. In the last station, the part is blanked and discharged from the skeleton. If the part cannot be formed within the metal strip (i.e., very deep drawing is present or the part size is large), transfer die stamping is used. In transfer die stamping the part is first blanked and then formed and pierced.

Highlights of Progressive Tooling

  • Significant Long Term Cost Savings
  • Press Capacity up to 500 tons
  • Stamp materials up to 3/8" thick
  • Blank, form, draw, pierce, tap, stake, etc all in one tool!

Watch a video of a demonstration of what Progressive Stamping looks like

example of a progressive tool or die

What is the right part for Progressive Die Stamping?

Since a progressive die (generally) is used in a single press, the part size is limited to small and medium parts. Larger parts may require transfer die stamping and a tandem press line. Progressive tooling is great for high-volume stamping projects where design changes are few. Operations such as blanking, forming, drawing, piercing, tapping, staking, etc. can all be performed in a single tool and highly efficient.

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