Robotic MIG Welding

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At OGS Industries we have two state of the art Lincoln Electric Robotic MIG Welders. These welders (a system 10 and system 30) allow us to weld a variety of different metal thicknesses from .025 to .750. We have the ability to weld carbon steels and specialize in welding all types of stainless steel. We weld products for all types of industries, from 4-wheelers, truck components, lift trucks and aircraft parts to performance exhaust components made from 304 Stainless steel. All of our programmer/ operators have gone through both basic and advance training for programing and welding at the Lincoln Electric training facility to insure both quality, and weld integrity.

In-House Tool Room & Quality

In addition, we have a state of the art tool room with the ability to design and manufacture fixtures to weld the most complicated parts and maintain tight tolerances. Our Quality department also has the ability to check weld penetration to insure the customer's requirements are being met.


  • Thicknesses .025-.750
  • Carbon Steels, Stainless Steels, & Aluminums
  • Short & Long Runs
  • In-House Tool Room
  • Weld Penetration Inspection


  • 4-Wheelers
  • Truck Components
  • Lift Trucks
  • Aircraft Parts
  • Performance Exhaust Components

Watch a video of our Lincoln Robotic Mig Welders in action!

How Robotic Welders Can Save You Money

By utilizing Robotic weld cells we can keep the costs to our customers low through improved output, high efficiency and insure a quality weld that our customer base has come to expect. We also offer various Resistance Welding Services as well.

Lincoln Robotic Mig Welding
Example of a part welded by our Robotic Mig Welders
Example of part welded by our Robotic Welders

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