Specialized Packaging

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Military & Export Specialized Packaging

OGS Industries created its own packaging company back in 1984 called Mil-Pak (short for Military Packaging). The reason was to allow our manufacturing facilities to produce the high quality gaskets, shims, and metal stampings and fabricated parts and have Mil-Pak finish off the parts with part marking, barcoding and quality specialized packaging. Since we are a direct Government defense supplier, Mil-Pak has grown to specialize in military and export packaging. For the last two decades, our specialized packaging department has helped out local companies by packaging their goods according to their specifications. We can even assist in the paperwork! Whether it is small or large (we actually packed cab frames for Mack Truck!) allow Mil-Pak to work up a quote for you.

Specialized Packaging Highlights

  • Military & Export Packaging
  • Rust-Proof Packaging (VCI)
  • Climate Controlled Warehousing (Rust Prevention)
  • Count > Label > Package > Stock > Ship
  • Small to Large packaging capabilities
  • Over 18,000 sq ft of Warehousing!
large amount of crates in big warehouse at ogs industries

One Stop Shop for Value-Added Services

OGS Industries has strived to be a one-stop shop and has expanded to several diverse fields. Services at our packaging company include bad and tag, part marking including ink stamping, chemical etching, vibro peening and impression stamping, wrapping, boxing, counting and other various operations to insure your part is secure for transportation or storage. We have desiccants and VCI paper for rust preventive measures. We can assemble parts for kits and even stock your parts for release schedules. At OGS Industries, if we can’t make it for you, let us package it!

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